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The ChildSafe Monitor

 Introducing the ChildSafe BT, a smart phone application that can be used together with the ChildSafe Monitors, to remind parents that their children are in the back seat of a car.  


 Every year many children die because parents accidentally leave them in the car unattended. According to, who has collected this information for the past 10 years, an average of 37 children die every year during the hot season by suffocation. This does not take into account children that have survived, or were left in the car in the winter. This happens all the time. The death of these little victims is terrible, slow and torturous. 

Our Goal

To Save a Child.

 We want raise awareness of this growing problem but at the same time we want to take action. We believe the ChildSafe BT together with the ChildSafe  Monitor can help alleviate this problem. 

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